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Launch of New Grandparents Legal Centre Website



I am really pleased to be able to announce that we have just launched our updated website, for Grandparents seeking advice about seeing their grandchildren, having their grandchildren livingwith them, caring for grandchildren, care proceedings and welfare benefits.

At Ridley & Hall we are all too aware of the difficulties that grandparents face when they go through the family justice system, and the problems that they have with funding.

We decided that we would update the website to provide a lot more comprehensive advice to people who are struggling through difficult times with their grandchildren, and I hope that you find it useful.  After all, we have helped thousands of families in this situation.

Grandparents – Are you getting a raw deal?


It occurred to me when I was making arrangements with both sets of Grandparents to help with child care over the weekend, that Grandparents get a raw deal in the eyes of the family courts.

Parents rely on Grandparents to bail out financially, and to help with childcare.  But, when there’s a family feud, Grandparents have to try really hard to get to see their children.  Parents can apply to see their children if the other parent won’t let them – Grandparents have to get permission to bring an application.

They have to show that they have an arguable case.  The test is a fairly low one, but I was recently involved in a case where paternal grandma wanted to have contact with her grandchild, who was looked after by the mum.  Mum and Dad it is fair to say were not getting on at all.  Mum said that she didn’t agree to Grandma having permission from the Court to bring her application, so the case had to be listed for a contested hearing.  This meant that Mum, Dad and Grandma all had to give evidence.  It was really unpleasant, and hasn’t made relations between Mum and Grandma any easier at all.  Grandma was given permission to bring her application by the Judge, but this has added to the length and stress that all of the people involved in the case have to go through.